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Celio Dares To Make More 'Smartphone Companions'

Gordon Kelly


Celio Dares To Make More 'Smartphone Companions'

"Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it," it's a popular, topical and often misquoted phrase from Spanish writer George Santayana. It's also an invaluable pearl of wisdom Celio clearly missed...

Let's look at the evidence: having been forewarned by the collapse of the ill-thought out and generally ridiculous Palm Foleo (a concept so daft it was canned before release), Celio went and made the equally stupid Redfly immitation, a product our C8 review concluded "can't possibly be recommended" and so it has gone and made some more...

The Redfly 'C7' and 'C8N' really don't deserve these column inches but in the spirit of Mr Santayana consider it a warning children. For the record, these 20th century devices are essentially keyboard and screen extensions for your smartphone. Yes, despite looking like a netbook, measuring the same size as a netbook and costing almost as much as a netbook they are simply shells with no processor, no software and memory of their own.

Differences between the two aren't worth my time other than to say the C7 has a 7in screen and a battery capable of lasting up to five hours, while the C8N has an 8in screen, no quoted battery life but the addition of a 'Redfly media port' which means it will also hook up with Apple devices and some MP3 players. It's still pointless.

Of course when the original Foleo was announced in May 2007 it was inane yet also five months ahead of the first netbook launches. The new Redflys (Redflies? Who cares) on the other hand arrive in a world awash with them which means you have a simple choice to make: spend £152 on a C7 or £200 on a C8N or pick up an Eee PC 701 where you'll get a fully working mini-laptop and save money instead, hmmmmn...

...nope, I don't have a lobotomy scheduled (that I know of), so I'm going for the 701. In fact, I'd like to give myself enough credit that if I did have one I'd still not buy a Redfly.


Celio (No, I won't let you go there)

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