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CeBiT 2005 - And the Beat Goes On

The Centrum der Büro und Informationstechnik Center for Office and Information technology - known to most as CeBIT - is a legend in its own lunch-time. Over 30 halls spread over a huge area, each filled to the brim with technology; it’s enough to make a grown man weep from overload. Think of it as a technological Ikea, only the size of Essex, and you’ll get a sense of its potential hellishness. I actually thought it was called CeBIT as you only ever get to 'See-A-Bit' of it, but that's not true apparently.

Fortunately for you, it was our feet. not yours, trudging the corridors and booths, and as Lars’ shift ended, mine began so allow me press on and tell you about some of the cool things I saw.

My first port of call was actually to meet up with Lars at the MSI stand, and first and foremost I’d like to thank MSi for giving me a fantastic Targus rucksack to carry my laptop and various bumph round in - it certainly saved my shoulders from pain.

My next port of call was to see nVidia. It was firmly tight lipped about what its next generation plans were but spokesman Adam Foat confirmed that nVidia was very satisfied with how SLi was going, with sales exceeding even its own expectations.

The 512MB cards Adam spoke about were announced a few weeks ago, but what was new was this fanless GeForce 6600.

This is a fairly exciting proposition as it means that those building media PCs can now enjoy decent graphics performance without having to suffer any fan noise. Adam said the specs were unchanged from the original release but it does beg the question why they didn’t do this to start with. The fanless approach is only possible with the standard 6600s and not the GT, so get those thoughts of silent SLi right out of your head.

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