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Destinator and GNS


CeBiT 2005 - And We Don't Stop

My second day at CeBIT started with a meeting with the Vice President, Godehard Gerling, of a GPS solutions company called Destinator. You many not have heard of it but as Godehard explained, GPS is an exploding market, at least as Europe is concerned, so there is plenty of room for more companies. It has only been around for a short time but is already number three in the Euro market.

The company has offices in Germany and Canada but is based in Israel, which is probably why it is the only GPS solution with map data for Israel, provided locally. For Europe it uses Navteq maps, as opposed to Tele-Atlas, which is used by TomTom.

Destinator is pushing it’s recently released software for Windows SmartPhones and in April will release the latest version of its software, Destinator Personal Navigator (PN). This will feature a off-road mode, which will provide routing for those on foot, so you aren’t limited to road instructions.

The feature that really piqued my interest though was support for TMC – Traffic Message Control. This enables the navigation software to process live traffic information received from an FM receiver built-in to the Bluetooth GPS module and seamlessly redirect the user away from traffic blackspots. While the TomTomGo I reviewed was great, this was exactly the feature that was missing.

A company that produces TMC enabled GPS receivers, called GNS, had a stand right next door to Destinator, and its latest module was on display.

In Germany TMC signals are free, but its status in the UK is unclear, though apparently a TMC signal is broadcast over ClassicFM. I’m very keen to get hold of Destinator PN and see if this potentially fantastic feature really works over in old blighty.

On my way to my next meeting I passed this stunning car – a Buggati Veyrons supercar, made by Volkswagen. Now I have to admit I didn’t have time to discover why this 1,001bhp car was on show, but you’d have to crazy to walk by and not take a picture.

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