Zalman is a company that has shot up from nowhere over the last couple of years and is now a major force in the quiet cooling market. Zalman was of course showing a wide range of new products, but the most predominant was the TNN (Totally No Noise) case. We already have a review up of a PC based on the TNN 500A here, but Zalman will also have a couple of bigger cases on offer shortly.

The TNN range of cases was the main feature on the Zalman stand.

Zalman was also showing off a quad CPU case, but this one wasn’t quiet at all, since it had several high-speed fans spinning away inside it. One has to presume this was a work in progress as it doesn’t seem to follow Zalman’s current design philosophy.

The quad CPU case seems to have evaded the Zalman quiet philosophy.

Zalman was equally proud of its new water cooler, which looks like nothing I’ve seen before and takes up more space than your average tower case. It is however completely silent. Due to its massive size, the heat from the water can be passively dissipated onto the surrounding air in the room. But with over two litres of water pumping around inside, you better hope that it doesn’t spring a leak.

The Zalman water cooler. It is big and it’s definitely clever.

Finally I saw an updated version of Zalman’s passive graphics card cooler on display with extra heatsinks for the memory. This should be handy on high-end cards or anyone wanting to overclock but still keep things quiet.

The updated Zalman graphics card cooler is building on the success of its predecessor.

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