CeBIT - The Story Continues

With tiny hard drives becoming cheaper there has been an explosion in small MP3 players and if you read my previous coverage from MSI you’ll know that it has several on offer. But MSI was also showing off a small removable 1in hard drive with 1.5GB capacity and a fold out USB connector. If the price is significantly lower than a 1GB USB flash memory key, MSI could be onto a winner.

The MSI MEGA Cache 1in USB hard drive.

Continuing on the storage line, MSI also showed off a couple of new DVD writers, with the DR8P being an eight-speed drive with interchangeable front panels, similar to the CR52 CD Writer. This time the colours are better thought out and should match most cases.

The DR8T is yet another eight-speed DVD writer but this time MSI has mounted a small LCD display along the front that charts the progress of the disc being burned. Not exactly a ground breaking feature, but it will at least differentiate the DR8T from the competition.

MSI has gone MEGA crazy and all its new products seem to come with the MEGA prefix, including the new line of MEGA BOOK laptops. These will not be available directly from MSI but rather sold under other names from various PC manufacturers. The model shown is a Pentium M/Centrino model and to be honest it doesn’t look a million miles away from certain Sony models.

MSI was showing that it knows how to build stylish notebooks.

One interesting product that probably won’t be available in the UK for a while is the MSI Home Media server and client. The video is streamed over Ethernet or WiFi from the server to the client, although, I’m not sure why the client has to be so big, nor why it features a front mounted USB port and card reader. The server can act as a PVR and has a built in DVD writer among its many features.

MSI Home Media Server

MSI Home Media Client

Looking at core components, MSI was showing of socket 775 LGA boards and some new PCI Express reference design cards. There were also some interesting new server products on show including a dual processor Opteron motherboard with support for up to 12 memory modules. This is double the amount of memory supported by previous MSI products and should prove very popular with customers who need vast amounts of memory to their servers.

MSI Socket 775 motherboard

MSI’s dual Opteron board will make short work of the most memory hungry server applications.

MSI will also be offering a combined Bluetooth/802.11g wireless card for its new range of motherboards. This will only work with MSI motherboards and has to be fitted to a special orange PCI slot as well as being connected to one of the internal USB connectors.

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