Biostar has impressed us with its iDEQ range of SFF barebones and although I can’t give you all the nitty-gritty details as I promised Biostar I wouldn’t, I can tell you that the next generation product from Biostar will be even more exciting than the current one.

Concept designs of Biostar’s new iDEQ 300, but this may well change before the final version arrives

The plan is to make it possible to play DVD movies without booting into an OS, which seems to be the goal of most of the manufacturers I spoke to at the show. Biostar however, claims that it is not far from reaching this goal. Other features are more standard, but expect something a little special from Biostar.

On the motherboard side there was little to distinguish Biostar from everyone else, but there were the usual socket 775 samples on display along with some socket 939 boards.

Biostars socket 775 board with PCI Express

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