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Abit & Kingston

Abit held a joint press conference with Kingston and Intel, promoting DDR2 and PCI Express. During the meeting the journalists where shown a video rendering demo running on two systems, one with PCI Express graphics with DDR2 system memory and one AGP graphics with DDR system memory. The video was rendered much faster on the PCI Express/DDR2 system, but we’ll wait until we’ve done our own tests before we form an opinion. Kingston will initially only offer DDR2 memory in its Value RAM range but is working on bringing out a Hyper-X version.

Abit was showing socket 775 LGA motherboards with both Intel and VIA chipsets. I spotted a few interesting products including a VIA PT890 board with both AGP and PCI Express.

Abit’s PT890 Pentium 4 motherboard

Abit was also keen to show off its PCI Express ATI based graphics cards and had a live demo running with an ATI reference board. Abit has also partnered up with XGI and will offer custom designs shortly of the XGI Volari V8 Duo which hopefully will improve on the XGI reference design.

Abit Radeon 9600XT PCI Express

Abit PCI Express live demo

Abit seems to be moving into the server market this year, as there were several server boards on display, including one with support for dual Opteron processors and up to 16GB of memory.

Abit’s Opteron server board

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