Chaintech has evolved from being a budget manufacturer to a company that offers new and innovative products. Chaintech was showing off motherboards for Intel’s new socket 775 LGA processor as well as some PCI Express reference graphics cards.

Chaintech’s latest high-end motherboard with a PCI Express graphics card

More interestingly, Chaintech is one of the first manufacturers to make graphics cards based on the XGI Volari chipset as well as the S3 DeltaChrome. Hopefully we will have samples of both cards shortly, so check back for full reviews.

Chaintech’s XGI Volari based graphics card

It seems like there is a trend towards mobile desktop replacement machines and Chanitech was showing a couple of models on its stand. The commonality between the different models was that all of them use desktop parts in a laptop chassis. The machines are bulky and lack batteries altogether, but feature a wide array of ports and connectors.

Chaintech’s desktop replacement machine

Chaintech was also showing a cube style prototype on its stand, but how successful Chaintech will be in this market is yet to be seen. The prototype looked like many other cubes dotted all over CeBIT, but Chaintech is the first manufacturer I have seen to incorporate 7.1-channel sound in a cube style system.

Chaintech’s Mini-system prototype

There were two DVB TV-tuner cards on the stand, one for satellite and one for terrestrial TV. These products should be available shortly and both were running live demos at the stand. The DVB-T card should be shipping with an antenna that is specifically designed for DVB-T signals. If all goes to plan we should have a review for you of this product soon.

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