HighPoint is a manufacturer of IDE RAID controllers, but is moving very fast in to the S-ATA market. HighPoint is one of the few companies offering an external S-ATA box for hard drives and it was also showing off external RAID boxes that can be used with either two or four hard drives. HighPoint is also the first manufacturer to my knowledge to have an S-ATA II product ready and it was on display. The card was a high-end PCI-X controller with support for up to eight S-ATA hard drives.

HighPoint’s S-ATA II controller

Other products of interest included a PC Card to S-ATA solution for laptops and a 2.5in IDE to S-ATA drive caddy. With no optical S-ATA drives as yet and a big move towards S-ATA on new motherboards, HighPoint has also developed an S-ATA to IDE converter for optical drives, which it claims is a world first.

HighPoint’s S-ATA to IDE converter for optical drives

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