Gadgets Galore

CeBit is not all about PC stuff so I thought I would show some other bits that caught my eye at the show.

Sony’s latest ultra thin VAIO laptop

Sony’s new portable video player with 20GB hard drive

Huge plasma display from Sony with WiFi remote that can be used as a web pad

Sony’s external dual layer DVD writer

Korean portable video player with 20GB hard drive

Intel’s “Command Centre” PC

6 & 12GB Compact Flash Type II cards

A range of new mice and keyboards from Genius

Mirror mirror on the wall – A mirror with built in LCD display

A tiny VIA Antaur based laptop from TUL (formerly Powercolor)

A German take on the Zalman heatpipe cases

iRiver’s new WMV9 mobile video player

Three new players from iRiver

A novel take on the all in one home entertainment system

Sharp’s latest plasma display - Aquos

Panasonic’s alternative

A DVD camcorder from Panasonic

Asus smartphone running Windows

The elusive Sendo X – which should be available shortly

Two concept phones from Panasonic

Two different mobile phone concepts from Sanyo, the first one with TV tuner and the second one with a second display for text only

Sharp’s forthcoming GSM phone looks very similar to the Sony Ericsson T610

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