Coolermaster had a couple of new coolers and some new cases on display, but nothing really revolutionary. Worth noting is the size of the new coolers for Intel’s Pentium 4 E.

Pentium 4 E cooler

Coolermaster’s take on a gaming case with 12 5.25in drive bays and space for two power supplies

Residing in the Gaming case was Coolermaster’s Aquagate water cooler. We were first shown this device at CES in January but we were asked not to talk about it until CeBIT. As you can see from the picture, the watercooler is designed to sit at the bottom of the Gaming case and is completely self contained. The Aquagate can also be mounted in two 5.25in drive bays, if you don’t have a massive case like this one.

Coolermaster’s watercooler will sit unobtrusively in your case, especially if it’s as big as this one.

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