Just a couple of quick things here since Riyad has already covered a range of products from Gigabyte. A large part of Gigabyte’s stand was devoted to motherboards of all types. Interestingly one of the boards on display will accept both DDR and DDR2 memory, which is good if you intend to upgrade your current system but want to keep your expensive memory.

Gigabyte’s duo board can use both DDR and DDR2 memory

Due to the size of the new coolers for the next generation of Intel processors, Gigabyte has made some changes to its DPS boards to accommodate this and adding a heatpipe for good measure. The picture below is of a motherboard with the new solution up and running as well as one of Gigabyte's new CPU coolers fitted.

Gigabyte's new DPS with heatpipe

One final image from the Gigabyte stand showing some of the motherboards that where on display

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