The KiSS stand was a bit of a showcase, proving that the company is trying to move into the consumer/lifestyle arena. Obviously there were a lot of DivX enabled DVD players on show, but there was also a lot of new and stylish product for people to drool over.

My favourite addition to the KiSS range is Coolview. Coolview incorporates everything that KiSS has done in its DVD players into an all-in-one AV solution. The Coolview 22 is a stunning 22in widescreen TFT screen with integrated TV tuner that has a lot of hidden depths. Built into the casing is a DivX enabled DVD player as well as stereo speakers complete with subwoofer. But rounding off the package perfectly is integrated WiFi functionality, so you can stream audio and video direct from your PC or home server. There was no price confirmed for the Coolview 22, but I think it will be a big hit.

The Coolview 22 is more than just a pretty face.

The Coolview 30 is also on the horizon, which features the same functionality of the Coolview 22, but with a 30in LCD screen. But first to hit the streets will be the Coolview 17, which, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, sports a 17in widescreen TFT panel. The Coolview 17 will not have a built-in DVD player, but it will have an integrated TV tuner and wireless functionality. With a projected price of around £500, the Coolview 17 could be a winner for KiSS.

The Coolview 17 may not have a built-in DVD player, but the price is very attractive.

Also on show was the DP-1504 DVD player. Besides being slim and stylish, this latest player from KiSS offers all the normal functionality of DivX playback, but also incorporates a hard disk and integrated 802.11b wireless support. Of course 802.11b isn’t the best standard for streaming video due to its limited bandwidth, but the built-in hard disk allows the DP-1504 to buffer the stream and ensure smooth video playback.

The DP-1504 is small and sleek but still full of features.

With the hard disk being present you don’t have to stream from your PC at all, you can simply copy your movie files from your PC and play them back directly from the hard drive. The WiFi support comes courtesy of a plug in adapter that it supplied with the player.

Drawing a lot of attention was the DP-600 which is the first KiSS device that’s capable of playing back Windows Media 9 files. There was some high-definition Windows Media 9 video being played back on the DP-600 and it really did look stunning. Unfortunately, it looks like high-definition TV broadcasts are still a long way off in the UK.

The first Windows Media 9 compatible DVD player.

The DP-600 also sports a TV tuner and integrated 80GB hard disk, so it can be used as a video recorder as well as a playback device. Although the DP-600 records to the hard disk in MPEG-2 format, KiSS will be offering MPEG-4 recording functionality in future products.

Lurking in a small glass display case was KiSS’ take on the portable media player. There’s no name for the device yet, and KiSS could not confirm whether it would even make it to market, but I hope it does.

KiSS’ portable media player prototype.

The prototype on show looked a lot slimmer than most of the other portable media players I’ve seen. It will playback MPEG-4 video, and there are plans for built-in wireless functionality for easy data transfer.

But the strangest, but still very cool product on the KiSS stand was the coffee machine with integrated TFT screen and DVD player. Whoever designed this must have had me in mind since it addresses two of my addictions, watching movies and drinking coffee. I’m not sure how big the market will be for this product, but I’ll definitely take one, black with two sugars please.

Movies and fresh coffee, what more could I ask for?


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