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Lexar Media

Flash memory is all the same right? Wrong. Lexar Media is a company that has built its reputation on providing high performance flash memory, for the professional market. Like many serious and professional digital photographers, TrustedReviews’ own Jalal Werfalli bought a Lexar Media CompactFlash card to go with his Canon EOS 10D, on which all of the TrustedReviews imagery is shot.

The Lexar Media Professional range used to sport a maximum 40x speed rating, but now that rating has been doubled to a staggering 80x. This means that Lexar Media guarantees a sustained transfer rate of 12MB/sec from its professional CompactFlash media.

Super fast 80x Compact Flash media will save the serious photographer some time.

The 80x Professional CompactFlash cards will be available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities. And if you’re transferring 4GB worth of digital images from your CompactFlash card to your PC, that extra speed is going to make all the difference.

Also on display at the Lexar Media stand were samples of its new 8GB CompactFlash card. This is, quite simply, a staggering amount of storage capacity and professionals using 12 megapixel cameras like the Canon EOS 1Ds welcome such capacious storage cards. The 8GB card will only be rated at 40x and there was no price confirmed, but you can be pretty sure that it will be astronomical.

An 8GB CompactFlash card could cost more than your digital SLR.

All of Lexar Media’s Professional CompactFlash cards come complete with Image Rescue software which gives you the ability to recover any images that you have mistakenly deleted. This isn’t a new idea and many a PC user has managed to recover an accidentally deleted file on their hard disk in the same way, but it does offer a unique added value. Of course since most deletes and formats are fairly high level, you can never be sure if a photo you actually want deleted is really gone. But another feature offered by Lexar is Secure Delete, which performs a very low level delete so that the image can not be recovered. The Secure Delete will appeal to those companies and individuals who are paranoid about their images falling into the wrong hands. Sounds like Lexar should go for a product placement in the next James Bond movie.

Lexar is also pushing high speed SD media.

Although CompactFlash is still the media of choice for digital SLR users, most consumer and prosumer cameras are switching to SD cards. To address this market Lexar Media also offers high speed SD memory rated at 60x. The 60x rated SD cards offer a guaranteed sustained transfer rate of 9MB/sec. The 60x SD cards will be available in 256MB and 512MB capacities at projected prices of €169.99 and €349.99 respectively.

The Jump Drive line of products from Lexar is addressing the USB 2.0 memory key market and comes in many flavours. The Jump Drive Sport is a rugged version with a rubberised and secure fitting cap for safe attachment to a keychain while retaining ease of access. While the Jump Drive Elite is targeting the fashion conscious USB memory key user if there is such a thing. However, one excellent feature of the Jump Drive Elite is that the cap can be snapped onto both ends of the device, so you won’t lose it while the drive is connected to your PC. Both Jump Drive Sport and Jump Drive Elite will be available in 128MB, 256MB and 512MB capacities.

The Jump Drive Sport is robust to suite an active user.

Lexar is targeting the Jump Drive Sport at a young and active user base, and to enhance its appeal there’s the JumpGear mp3 player. The JumpGear isn’t too different from any other solid state mp3 player apart from the fact that it uses the Jump Drive Sport as its storage medium. So, you can use the Jump Drive Sport as a standard USB memory key, then just plug it into the JumpGear and listen to some music. Not a bad idea, especially if you need to have a USB memory key with you all the time like I do. The JumpGear will be sold either with a 64MB Jump Drive Sport or as a stand alone unit for those who already have a Jump Drive Sport memory key.

The JumpGear lets you make the most of your Jump Drive Sport memory key.

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