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CeBIT 2007: Asus Notebook Round-up Part Two

Some readers may remember reading about the Asus XG Station a few months back, and it immediately made an impression in the TR office when heard of its existence. In short, it's an external video card for your notebook. It uses the ExpressCard slot to connect to your notebook and will provide accelerated graphics for notebooks – especially those ultra-portable notebooks we always like to see at TR.

Here you see the front of the device, which features 4in LED display that shows frame rate and temperature information, along with enabling control of system master volume, clock speed and fan speed.

On the right side are mic and headphone jacks, the XG station also supports Dolby Headphone and virtual 7.1 surround. There's also USB ports, while on the bottom right of picture you can see the ExpressCard connection to the notebook.

On the left side is an AC in, with an ExpressCard connection and a DVI port for using an external monitor. We're certainly excited about this product, and we hope to have one in for review in the coming weeks.

That's it for the Asus Notebook Round-up; I think you'll agree it's been a good showing from Asus this year. There's still more to come from Asus and others however, so keep checking TrustedReviews for further on the floor coverage in the coming minutes, hours and days.

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