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CeBIT 2007: Asus Notebook Round-up Part One

Extending into gaming, the G1 and G2 represent Asus' attempt at flexible mobile gaming. The G1, pictured below, is a medium sized solution providing both power and portability.

The display is a 15.4in widescreen panel, while you'll have a choice of Core 2 Duo T7600, T7400, T7200, T5600 and T5500 processors. Graphics is provided by an nVidia Go7700, which should be able to handle most games with a decent level of detail. Hard drives go up to 160GB, and RAM goes up to 2GB with either 533MHz or 667MHz DDR2.

The G2 has a rather more bulky design, with a 17in widescreen display making it far larger than the G1. CPU, RAM and hard drive options are the same as the G1, but graphics is provided by an ATI Mobility Radeon X1700. Both also ship with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

For those with a more media orientated outlook, Asus also has you covered. The W2P, pictured above, is a high-end solution and comes in two varieties – one fitted with a Blu-ray drive and one with an HD-DVD drive.

Certainly the most exciting feature, however, is the screen which is a 17in widescreen panel with a full HD compliant native resolution of 1920 x 1200. This makes it ideal for watching high-def content on the move, while the HDMI port means you can plug it into a high-def TV when at home.

As if that weren't enough there's an in-built digital TV tuner, while the slate grey finish makes the W2P seek and stylish despite it's relatively large size. CPU options are Core 2 Duo T7400, T7200, T5600 and T5500s and you can have up to 2GB of system memory and 160GB of hard disk space. Suffice to say all this won't come cheap, but if you have the cash then it's an awfully tempting proposition.

That's it for Part One of our Asus notebook round-up, yes there really is that much to cover! Lookout for the second part soon, once I've regained my senses and sanity.

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