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CeBIT 2007: Asus Home Theatre PCs

For those more interested in audio fidelity, Asus has the DAV Center A33, which combines a smart exterior design with a 5.1 Channel amplifier, dual digital TV tuner, an AMD AM2 X2 processor and a massive 500GB SATA hard drive with NCQ.

Other smart features include Draft N wireless, for seamless high definition media streaming and support for Vista Sideshow while the slot loading DVD drive is always nice to have. Importantly, the A33 also features two HDMI inputs along with an ouptut making it possible to pass more than one HDMI able device through the unit.

For a Barebones solution Asus unveiled the P2-M2A690G, which will come in black or white with yet more textured leather – Asus evidently dislike cows. As the name suggests, the system is based on an AMD 690G motherboard with support for HDMI, D-Sub 8-channel sound and Gigabit Ethernet.


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