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CeBIT 2006: Cases

Just a quick update to show off a couple of the cases I've seen out here at Cebit. I have to admit that when I buy a case I want something functional and couldn't care less what it looks like, so very few things have caught my eye.

We've previously reviewed Aopen's Mini PC and it's really quite tasty. They can't be bought as barebones units, instead companies such as Evesham build them up and sell them. They are tiny, powerful and functional - but expensive. This is their latest model with Core Duo support.

Aopen has had far too much coverage from me this year, but they have some good products. This is a new chassis from them with a 22cm fan in the side. As I've looked around I've seen a number of other manfucturers with similar designs, but you can never be sure if they are going to hit the UK market - unlike this.

Yet another case from Aopen, but this one is more than just a chassis. If you look closely, you will notice that the motherboard is mounted upside down. This has the benefit of the CPU being at the bottom of the case (just like traditional AT cases). This means fresh air coming in from the bottom of the case gets straight to the CPU. This is not a new idea, in fact Peter Barnard who used to write with me at Spode's Abode had the same idea and used to make his own cases along the same line. Move over BTX!

Point of View was showing off this chassis. It also uses a 22cm fan but is aimed at being very cheap (around $50). Worth keeping an eye out for. Those fans are very quiet and can really keep your system cool.

Cooler Master was showing off a number of chassis. Their new Wave Master II design was disappointing, replacing the strength of their previous design with flimsy plastic. But this Centurion in White was a winner with most of the ladies at the show, with its iPod-esque style. I quite like it!

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