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The product Samsung was really showing off at CeBIT was the new SGH-D600, the follow up to the SGH-D500. The camera has been improved from 1.3 to 2 Megapixels and TV output has been added. The design differs slightly but the real bonus is the addition of a microSD card slot, as the D500 lacked memory expansion.

The SGH-E720 is yet another new handset that was launched at CeBIT with a 1 Megapixel camera with Bluetooth and USB interface and 88MB of built in memory, but no memory expansion slot.

Next up is the SGH-E750, which is the first GSM model to sport gesture recognition and it also has a built in digital compass. The remaining features are similar to those of the SGH-E720.

Moving on, Samsung showed off two Symbian based phones, the SGH-D720 and the SGH-D730. Although the handsets don’t resemble each other, the core of the two phones are similar. The SGH-D720 is a slider, while the SGH-D730 is a flipper. Both models feature a 1 Megapixel camera, MMC-micro card slots and finally Bluetooth and USB interface.

And we’ve finally made to the Windows Mobile devices, the SGH-i300 and the SGH-i750. The SGH-i300 is a traditional candy bar phone, but it has no less than a 3GB internal hard drive for storing music and video content. It uses a scroll wheel for navigation and plays back MP3, WMA, AAC, ACC+ and OGG audio files as well as MPEG4 and WMV video content. It supports stereo sound over Bluetooth and it has IrDA and USB 2.0 interface as well. The memory can be expanded via microSD cards and Samsung has also built in a digital power amp into the phone.

The SGH-i750 is a business phone in contrast to the SGH-i300 and it is comes in Samsung slider design. It has 128MB of memory as standard and it can be expanded via microSD cards. Beyond Bluetooth the SGH-i750 will also come with Wi-Fi technology, although which specification wasn’t mentioned. Add to this the ability to store PowerPoint presentations on the phone and display them via the built in TV output and this should be a solid workhorse.

This has only been a glimpse in to the new range of mobile phones that Samsung was showing and hopefully we will be able to bring you reviews of at least a few of these new and exciting products as soon as they are available.

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