Korean & 3G phones

With all of the other Samsung products out of the way, let’s concentrate on the new mobile phone products that Samsung was showing. Many of the products will never make it outside of Korea, but it is still amazing to see how many mobile phone products a single company can produce.

The product Samsung was proudest to show off was the new 7Mpixel SCH-V770 camera phone – which is only available in Korea – but it still shows in what direction some companies are taking the humble mobile phone. It features 4x optical zoom and can be used with additional lenses to improve the zoom function further.

A 5Mpixel GSM handset was on display at Samsungs booth, but it lacked the optical zoom and didn’t look quite as sophisticated as the 7Mpixel phone.

Two other models on the Samsung booth support digital TV reception, one via satellite – only in Korea of course – and the other via terrestrial DMB transmission and even have TV output. The satellite model offers a second larger fold out display while the tDMB model has a second aerial that has to be used for receiving TV transmissions over the air.

Also on display was Samsungs recently announced SCH-S310 which recognises gestures. So you could actually dial by gesturing the numbers with the phone in your hand, but the main idea is to improve mobile gaming.

The phone seen next to the SCH-S310 brings us closer to home, as it is one of several new 3G phones that Samsung had on display at CeBIT – the SGH-Z700 – which ha a built in 3Mpixel camera as well as an internal VGA resolution camera for video calls and an LED flash for the external camera. Add Bluetooth – with Bluetooth printing – IrDA and USB interface, flip design with twistable screen and built in support for MP3, ACC, ACC+, MPEG4 and RealOne playback from microSD cards and this is a serious contender on the 3G market.

Two more basic 3G phones were also on display, the SGH-Z500 and the SGH-Z300 which both feature a 1Mpixel camera, flip design, same playback capabilities as the SGH-Z700, Bluetooth, IrDA and USB interface as well as a microSD card slot. It is definitely going to be some serious competition on the 3G market if this is anything to go by.

But the coolest 3G handset on display was the SGH-Z130, which could be mistaken for being the most basic model if you count downwards. This is however not the case as the model features a rotateable screen, so you can use it in widescreen to watch movies on the go. The remaining features are similar to those of the SGH-Z500 and Z300, but it seems to lack IrDA and I’m not sure what memory format it supports.

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