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CeBIT 2005 Samsung Special Report

At a press conference at CeBIT Samsung announced an amazing amount of new products during the presentation so this will be a special report in which I will cover as many of the products as I possibly can.

Let’s start with the 'show-off' products, as Samsung doesn’t like being beaten when it comes to large size displays. A 102in plasma TV - which was announced at CES - was on display. As you can see from the picture, you need a fairly humungous front room to fit this one in. It's not only large, but it's also one of the first large screen displays to offer true 1080p HDTV resolution with progressive scan. Samsung claims that it is capable of displaying 68.7 billion colours, which is more than the human eye can register. It also features HDMI interface and SRS TruSurround XT as standard. No price was announced nor any availability dates.

Samsung also announced a smaller but still incredibly large 82in TV, this time using LCD technology,but again with native 1080p HDTV resolution and an HDMI interface. Samsung claims that it has the highest contrast ratio of any consumer level LCD TV at 10,000:1. On top if this it has an 8ms response time and D-SUB interface for connecting a PC.

Both displays are currently the largest of its kind in the world, but Samsung didn’t stop there as a new DLP TV was also announced, although at a slightly more modest 71 inches. Again this is the largest of its kind, but this one goes one step beyond the other two in terms of resolution at it has no less than 1,920 x 1,280 pixels. HDMI and SRS TruSurround XT is part of its specifications along with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

Samsung was also keen to point out its new SlimFit CRT TVs which will reduce the depth of traditional CRT TVs by almost half. A 30in model should measure less than 40cm in depth and have support for HDTV in 720p or 1080i and it should feature HDMI interface. A new SyncMaster 17in display was also announced – the 750P – which will have a triple hinged stand, 8ms {nglossary:response time} and 1,500:1 contrast ratio.

A wide range of home theatre products was also announced including surround sound speaker systems with Samsungs proprietary sDSM-EX technology which should allow for a 360 degree sound field from five speakers. One of the models also offers playback from USB storage devices, not only sound but also video content in MPEG4 format. Two DVD recorders with DVD-RAM support were also announced and the top of the range model can upscale DVD video to HD resolution. It seems like DVD-RAM is gaining popularity as a re-recordable media format in its old age.

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