GeCube might not be the best known ATI partner, but it's a company that is trying to differentiate itself from the competition by offering low noise, single slot cooling solutions. The products on display were based on the current range of ATI chipsets ranging from the top of the range X850 XT PE to the humble X300 Hyper Memory cards.

GeCube had a fully working X800XL AGP card on display as well using the new ATI Rialto bridge chip. Comparing the AGP version to the PCI Express version, you’ll notice that the AGP X800XL cards are considerably larger. Hopefully this will change before final production boards are ready, as it could be quite hard to fit one of the new cards into a small form factor PC.

GeCube is also moving into the TV tuner market with several solutions on display. There was of course a card based on the new ATI Theatre 550 Pro design, but also a USB 2.0 DVB-T box and a further DVB-T box that connects directly to the D-SUB connector of a monitor or via S-Video to a TV.

The most interesting products on display were the new portable video players that GeCube is working on. A model with a 7in display was on show as well as some smaller units. GeCube is one of many new companies that are jumping into this market, so hopefully we'll see the price driven down.

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