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CeBIT 2005 Day 2

Things are getting busier here in Hannover as you can see from the picture of the main entrance. The weather has taken a turn for the worse, with typical CeBIT weather consisting of plenty of cold rain and wind. But the never ending march of new technology isn't scared of some bad weather, and there was definitely a lot to see on my second day.


The first meeting of the day was with Belkin, which had a wide range of new kit on display. Belkin was proudly showing its new range of PureAV products which initially will consist of the Silver and Blue Series and later be followed up by the black series. There are several new ranges within the PureAV brand ranging from prosumer AV cables to power console units and picture enhancement products.

The new AV cables are quite interesting as Belkin is going up against competitors such as Monster and Ixos here - the Belkin Silver Series should beat both companies on price and offer more features according to Liz Holland at Belkin.

The PureAV Power Console units are pretty special and offer audiophiles and home cinema users a refined way of attaching their audio and AV equipment to the wall socket. Each Power Consoles unit features integrated Mulit-Phase PureFilter circuitry as well as advanced over-voltage protection. The design should fit in most AV racks and higher end models will feature a backlit LCD display with various readouts such as the voltage. Each of the Power Consoles is also programmable and the power connectors are dived up into banks with automatic switching.

The RazorVision is Belkins new pixel enhancer for plasma displays and different versions will be available for use via HDMI or DVI interfaces. Belkin claims that with the RazorVision you should get increased contrast with more visible details, brighter whites and blacks, higher details in shadows and no more edge outline artefacts. The demo on show didn’t convince me, but you could see a difference with the RazorVison running split screen between the two signals.

Belkin was also showing off a range of new iPod accessories, but the one that caught my eye was the Bluetooth wireless audio adapter. A small Bluetooth transmitter was attached to an iPod mini, which sent the music wirelessly to the receiver that was attached to an amplifier. This means no more cables if you want to use your iPod with your home stereo.

Another interesting product is a new keyboard that comes with software that turns it intp a programmable remote control for all your AV equipment. The main keyboard lifts out and works over infrared to control your TV, DVD player, stereo etc.

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