Creative had a wide range of new products on its stand, but I was shown some even more interesting ones - unfortunately these are yet to be announced, so I can't spill the beans just yet. There was however, no lack of products on display and for those that thought the Zen micro should have come with a colour screen, well now it does and following in Apple's footsteps it also got the moniker photo on the end of its name.

Creative also showed its range of colour coded i-Trigue speakers to go with the current Zen micro range (first seen in our CES report back in January) and there will be a 6GB model available shortly.

There was a wide range of headphones and headsets on display, with a couple of interesting models. The first set I was shown has active noise cancellation and can be folded for convenience. It also comes with a removable cord and an adapter for use with aeroplane audio connectors - of course if you fly Virgin then you can use a standard headphone jack.

Next up was a set of Bluetooth headphones, although due all the WiFi interference on the show floor, it was hard to evaluate the quality. This is a novel idea but Bluetooth was never intended for this kind of audio. That said, Creative isn't the only company going down the Bluetooth headphone route, so maybe there's some mileage in it.

Finally Creative was showing off a set of surround sound headphones with its own Dolby Digital and DTS decoder. This looks like a similar solution to the HCT headphones we reviewed a little while ago.

A new SoundBlaster product was announced a couple of days ago, the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor. This is an external sound card and hardware video encoder in one that connects to your PC via USB 2.0. We’ll bring you a review of this as soon as we get our hands on a sample.


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