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CeBIT 2005 Day 1

CeBIT 2005 Day 1

Arriving at CeBIT always fills you with a certain anticipation and for once the weather was good, although still quite cold. This year the show seems to have attracted at least as many exhibitors as last year and if the products I have seen so far are anything to go by, it is going to be a very exciting show.

Acer press conference

My first meeting was with Acer. Although only a few of the products announced were on display. A wide range of new notebooks was announced ranging from a thin and light ultra portable widescreen model all the way to a high-end gaming notebook with, with lots of choice in between. Most of the models announced are based on the new Intel Centrino platform that was known as Sonoma until recently. Acer will also have a notebook available shortly based on the AMD Turion, but no specific information was announced at the press conference regarding this.

Acer also announced a range of new display products, but the two most interesting ones were the AL2032wm and the AT3201W. The AL2032wm is a 20in widescreen display with a native resolution of 1,680 x 1,050. Connection wise, it offers S-Video and composite video inputs as well as DVI-D and D-SUB, but the real corker is the estimated retail price of €699 which equates to less than £500. An optional TV tuner should be available in the second quarter of this year.

The AT3201W on the other hand is a 32in LCD TV with support for HDTV at 720p or 1080i. It also offers support for HDCP which is a digital copy protection system for HD video via the DVI interface. The native resolution is 1,366 x 768 and it sports a response time of 24ms. It also has twin SCART connectors as well as component video input. Again the pricing is very aggressive at €1,499 which is about £1,050.

Keeping to the display theme Acer also announced a home cinema projector - the PH110 is a DLP projector with native 16:9 support. It is however limited to a resolution of 854 x 480 so it’s not ideal for HD video. The pricing again is very competitive at €849 which should translate to about £600. Acer also announced a range of new PDAs with the n50 and the n50 Premium topping the range. Both models feature built in wireless networking, although it’s only 802.11b, but Acer has also squeezed in Bluetooth 1.2 support as well as a Compact Flash and SD card slot. Both models use an Intel PXA272 processor, with the n50 clocked at 312MHz and the n50 Premium at 520MHz. The n35 was also announced, but not on display and features a built in GPS receiver. It does however lack any of the connectivity features of the n50 and it has a slower 266MHz Samsung processor.

In fact TrustedReviews had already seen most of Acer's new PDAs and notebooks at a press conference in London a few weeks ago - for the full low-down click here.

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