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Sony - Camcorders, Camera and 3G phone

Sony has a large range of new digital cameras for 2005 but perhaps the coolest is this - the DSC-T7. This is an incredibly thin digital camera that could easily slip into a jacket pocket without bulging it out too much, yet still boasts a 3x optical zoom. However, thanks to some clever optics there’s no lens protruding from the camera.

Moving round the stand I caught sight of one of the best looking home cinema packages out there. The DVD unit is certainly one of the coolest I’ve seen

– and though they’re not pictured, the rear speakers, (which look just like the front pair) receive their signal wirelessly! You can just see the small device broadcasting the signal to the left.

The rear speakers do have to be powered and connected to each other but it does mean there’s no need for cables running across the floor. True Home Cinema buffs might turn their nose up at any sub-sat system, but this is a great idea and could really enable many blokes to get a home cinema past that most difficult of barriers – the ‘wife-acceptance’ factor.

Finally, I also had a quick play with the new K600i from Sony Ericsson – this is essentially a 3G version of the T630, with most of the features found in the Vodafone exclusive V800i. While the V800i will be available to other networks from May it’s likely to still be expensive so the K600i could be Sony Ericssons mass market 3G phone. It certaily felt great to hold and speedy in operation. You’ll notice that the viewfinder for taking images presents everything in landscape mode by default, giving you a widescreen effect.

If you can't get enough CeBIT news, you're in luck, as there's more coming your way soon...

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