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Sony Camcorders and MP3 Walkman

With a release date for pre-recorded media for Blu-ray non-existent at this stage and uncertainty over whether you’ll be able to use it to record HDTV, you may wonder why you’d need such a large drive in your machine. The answer is that Sony has already released camcorders capable of recording at full 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. Sony had some of these pointing at objects and they looked more amazing on the high-def screen than they did in real life.

Staying with camcorders, Sony had on show the small PC1000, which is interesting two-fold – firstly it’s a three chip camera, which means better colour definition and it uses CMOS sensors rather than CCDs. The camera also features native widescreen support and a widescreen LCD screen to go with it – as do all of Sony’s 2005 camcorders.

On top you can see a boom mic available as an accessory. This can capture audio in 4.1 sound bringing surround-sound to home recorded footage for the first time.

Next I took the chance to get to grips with one of Sony’s new MP3 walkmans that we reported on here. It felt pretty solid and the screen underneath the surface looked great. Looks as though Sony has got itself back on track after some time being off the pace in the audio market.


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