Blu-ray continued

Other Blu-ray drives I saw at CeBIT included two from Samsung

- a recorder

and a player…

Other manufacturers didn’t have working models but clearly wanted to demonstrate they were behind the format such as this from BenQ

And this rather lame effort from Asus, which is clearly just a DVD-RW drive with Blu-ray written on in crayon.

As far as Blu-ray’s competition is concerned NEC had working DVD-ROM drives playing HD footage. However, they were PC based internal drives and playback only. Apparently, the drives will be released in September and there will be 100 movies available for playback.

Returning to Hitachi, the Japanese giant also had on show its Japan-only DVR that contains a hefty 400GB hard disc – so those in Japan can record HDTV. It also contains a ‘multi-recorder’ that can playback and record every current DVD format (DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD+R).

Also of interest was a DVD-Recorder with an 80GB hard disc that had the potentially fantastic ability to skip out commercials by detecting changes in the characteristics in the picture. Brilliant!


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