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Portable Solar Power

But the most impressive product I saw all day was the Solar Charger from SOCO. It’s funny how the most simple ideas are always the best. The Solar Charger from SOCO is a small mat that can easily be rolled up and put in a bag, but when it’s unrolled it reveals a solar panel. The solar panel will feed power to a car cigarette lighter shaped output, which will then power/charge any device that can be charged via a car cigarette lighter.

The Solar Charger wins the prize for the most innovative product I’ve seen today.

With the majority of portable consumer electronics devices having the ability to draw power from a car cigarette lighter, this is a very varsatile product. You'll be able to power your mobile phone, your Walkman or even your GPS while your sitting on a beach or in a dessert.

Obviously in the UK we don’t really have the weather to make use of solar panels, but if you happen to be living in a very hot country, or are travelling around one as I have done myself in the past, the Solar Charger could be a great asset. SOCO also produces smaller solar panels that can be strapped to your backpack while you’re trekking through the midday sun. That way at least you know your notebook will be charged by the end of your wearisome walk.

Strap a solar panel to your backpack and keep your kit charged up while you’re away from a power point.

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