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Memory is Key

One of the first stands I wandered onto was PQI. PQI is famous for making very small USB flash memory keys, and I have to say that I use a PQI memory key myself. But it would appear that PQI is taking its technology a step further with the Intelligent Stick.

The Intelligent Stick is tiny and can plug into a USB port with the adapter.

The Intelligent Stick looks like a shrunk down version of PQI’s already popular thin and flat USB memory key. Not only is the Intelligent Stick tiny, but it’s already available in 1GB capacity. But unlike other USB memory keys, PQI has designed the Intelligent stick to be used with devices such as mp3 players as well as for data transport and storage.

The Intelligent Stick can be used in devices like mp3 players.

Talking of memory keys, the prize for the coolest USB memory key has to go to Swissbit for its Swiss Army Knife complete with USB memory key. I always have both a Swiss Army Knife and a USB memory key in my pocket, so combining the two seems like a natural evolution to me. And let’s face it, the Swiss Army Knife needs to move with the times, and removable storage is just as important as a pair of scissors these days.

Just what every Swiss soldier dreams of.

One of the great things about the design is that the memory key can be removed from the knife, so you don’t have to have a penknife sticking out of your PC when you want to use the memory key. If there’s one problem with this design, it’s that you’re not allowed to take Swiss Army Knives on aeroplanes anymore, and I definitely need my memory key with me when I’m travelling.

The memory key can be removed from the knife if necessary.

Of course if you don’t need a Swiss Army Knife attached to your USB memory key, Swissbit can still offer you something pretty special. The USB Twist is a USB flash memory key that looks very different and comes in a multitude of colours to suit all tastes and working environments.

The USB Twist looks great in a translucent, original iMac kind of way.

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