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Getting Into CeBIT


CeBIT 2004

Well it’s the end of the first day of CeBIT and I’ve just collapsed in my room. The first adventure of the day was actually negotiating entrance to the show. Even though I had registered weeks ago, my Press pass had not materialised at the TrustedReviews offices. So, I thought, this shouldn’t be a problem, I can just pick up my pass at the press registration desk, how wrong I was.

It seems that the organisers of CeBIT thought it would be a good idea to place the Press registration inside the show, so there is no way of getting to it without a ticket. I was quite clearly told that if I wanted to pick up my Press pass I would have to buy a ticket in order to get to the Press registration point!

It soon became apparent that no amount of logic was going to sway the staff on the door, and I was quite clearly not going to be allowed to collect my pass without first paying for entrance to the show. Anyway, I eventually circumvented the “security” staff and picked up my Press pass, but it was hardly what I’d call a great start to the day.

I did eventually find out that there was a press registration desk at one of the other entrances to the show, but the “information” attendants at the entrance I was at didn’t feel that it was important to tell me this. Oh well, at least I made it inside in the end.

It's as massive and busy as ever at the "Fairground" in Hanover.

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