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Casio Launches Colourful Exilim Camera Duo


Casio Launches Colourful Exilim Camera Duo

Casio may forever be associated with dodgy eighties digital watches, but its line of cameras are consistently highly rated, at least by us.

Today, it adds two new models to its range, in the form of the Exilim EX-S200 and the EX-Z800.

If slim and slinky are your thing the former will be more to your liking as the EX-S200 at just 14.9mm at its slimmest point, thanks to the use of a flat-lens barrel and lens ring. Even so, it still packs in a CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism.

Both feature Exilim Engine 5.0 tech, a 4x optical zoom on a 27mm wide-angle view lens, with a 14.1-megapixel sensor. Each can be had in a range of colours - silver, orange, blue, black, and pink for the EX-S200, and black, silver, pink, red, yellow and blue for the EX-Z800.

A stand-out feature on the EX-S200 is the Quick Mode, which will power on the camera, take a picture, show you the result on the display and then automatically power down. Presumably you do still have to pick it up and point it at something though to get the desired shot.

If funky image modes on the camera itself are your thing, you’ll enjoy the Dynamic Photo mode, which creates a collage of moving images in animated gif type effect, and ‘Art shot’ functions, which apply filters to make images look like and oil painting or a water colour.

Why you’d want to apply these sorts of effects directly on the camera we’re not sure, but ours is not to reason why. At least not until we actually review them.

The EX-S200 will cost around £200 and the EX-Z800 a mere £150. Both will be available later this month.

Link: Casio UK

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