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Casio EX-H20G and EX-ZR10 announced at Photokina


Casio EX-H20G and EX-ZR10 announced at Photokina

Casio has a couple of interesting new compact cameras on its stand. The Exilim EX-H20G is based on the EX-H15 that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It has the same 10 zoom lens and 14.1MP sensor, but adds a built-in hybrid positioning system consisting of a GPS sensor for accurate positioning when outdoors, combined with a low power consumption motion sensor that keeps the position data updated when indoors or when the camera is turned off.

It also includes a detailed world map that can be displayed and automatically updated every time the camera is switched on, with a database of 10,000 world landmarks. The EX-H20G will be going on sale immediately, and costs 300 euros, or about £260.

Also shown in prototype form is the EX-ZR10, a new advanced compact that is due for release in December. It features a new high-speed processing engine, 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, a 7x zoom lens with 28mm wide angle, and the same kind of high-speed capture performance as the EX-FH100, shooting up to 30 frames at 40fps.

More interestingly is it’s claimed full HD video recording with stereo audio and full optical zoom while recording. Whether this actually means 1920 x 1080 resolution wasn’t clear, but that’s what “full HD” usually means.

Other features include HDR capture with an “Art HDR” option, ass well as a sweep panorama function. A launch price for the ZR10 has not yet been confirmed.

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