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Carphone Warehouse Reveals N96 Release Date

Gordon Kelly


Carphone Warehouse Reveals N96 Release Date

I never liked the Nokia N95 and the N96 doesn't tickle my fancy either since I gave up wearing combat pants a long time ago. Still, for the millions who do care...

The Reg has spotted that the Carphone Warehouse's industry e-zine 'The Insider' updated late yesterday to reveal an 'August 2008' launch date (grab above). Of course this shouldn't be taken as gospel (last time its new offspring only got things half right) but this N95-with-double-memory has gotten people of questionable taste talking so there it is.

Far more interesting in my opinion is that The Insider seems to think it has locked down dates for the Samsung F480, Motorola ROKR E8 (May) and Samsung G810 (April) - none of which have been confirmed by the manufacturers themselves. So are we into wild speculation here or has the Carphone Warehouse decided not to play nice with many of the NDAs out there?

The G810 will give us an early example, while it will be interesting to see if Motorola still has a phone business by the time the ROCKR E8 arrives...


The Insider

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