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Canon's New Spring Collection 2005

Finally we move to digital video cameras with two models for its new MVX40 series and the MV880X, a new headlining DVC for its MV800 series.

Entry level for the MVX40 series is the aptly named MVX40 (above). It is 2.2 megapixel and has a 14x zoom able to film in 16:9 widescreen. Film can be shot directly to MMC or SD memory cards and printed directly through PictBridge. What’s more, there is a built in stills flash and (to use Canon’s terminology) “Super Bright” 2.5in colour LCD screen. DV, USB and Firewire connections can be used to hook up the MVX40, which can double as a webcam when plugged into a PC and configured with the supplied DV Messenger 2.0 software.

One step up from the MVX40 is the MVX45i (above), the main differences between the two are a 14x zoom on the higher model, Mini Video Light and additional light and flash settings. Both cameras will be set free to roam our stores in April. Prices were not revealed.

New king of the MV800 series digital video camera hill and the last product wheeled out yesterday, is the MV880X. Super portable at just 51mm thick and 430g, the MV880X is 1.33 megapixel with 14x optical zoom. Like the MVX40 series it can shoot in 16:9 widescreen, store directly to MMC or SD memory cards, print off images without a PC using PictBridge, hook up with the same connections and function as a webcam. Two curious settings are Night Mode and Super Night mode, after all, what could you possibly want to film in the dark with such a small device?!

Being serious for a minute though, it strikes us that Canon is gearing up for a major attack on its respective markets with these news products. Speaking to TrustedReviews, Mills confirmed as much, outlining an ambitious and wide ranging plan: “high scale of investment in our in-house research and development is at the heart of Canon,” he said. “The aim is to be number one across all of the product areas we can cover.” Big words; rivals you have been warned.



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