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Canon Readies First Touchscreen DSLR

Gordon Kelly


Canon Readies First Touchscreen DSLR

I'm surprised it has taken this long, then again DSLR users aren't the greatest fans of change...

So potentially jolting professional photographers' surgically steady hands this week is Canon which has filed a patent to produce the first touchscreen DSLR. And yes, the images do look like they were drawn by a four year old, or me.

The Photography Bay made the crucial spot and also broke down the patent to discover the touchscreen will not just be for navigation, but for adjusting settings with gesture controls. Primary to these will be swiping vertically to change aperture values and horizontally to adjust shutter speed. Focus detection area, flash adjustment correction, photometry mode (metering mode), Drive, ISO value, auto focus, white balance and exposure correction will also all be finger friendly.

Potentially this all sounds swell, though I can't help but think a) gesture control simply isn't as precise as buttons and dials and b) it represents change so DSLR users will instinctively hate it. Still, the move was inevitable and I suspect we'll see the first touchscreen DSLRs within the next 12 to 18 months. I best whisper this gently to Cliff...


via Photography Bay

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