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Canon Announces HF 21 and HF S11 Full HD Camcorders

Andy Vandervell


Canon Announces HF21 and HF S11 Full HD Camcorders

Canon Japan has announced two new Full HD camcorders, the HF 21 and HF S11. Both record to AVCHD, as you'd expect, and pack 64GB of internal flash memory, doubling the capacity of their predecessors to allow for up to five and half hours of recording at the highest quality setting. Should you need more, SDHC card slots are present, too.

We'll start with the HF S11 (above), which is destined to replace the range-topping LEGRIA HF S10 we reviewed back in March. Given it got a well deserved 9/10 and a Recommended Award, the HF S11 has a lot to live up to. Indeed, the real challenge will be making it worth the extra investment given it uses most of the same components as its predecessor.

This means an eight megapixel, 1/2.06in CMOS sensor, Canon's Digic DV III processor and the same 10x optical zoom lens. New features include a night shooting mode and a new 'dynamic' stabilisation mode, which is intended to correct footage captured while walking or running.

As for the HF 21(above), it's also a relatively minor upgrade, sharing the same basic upgrades as the HF S11, but featuring a longer 15x optical zoom lens and a smaller 1/4in sensor.

There's no word on pricing as yet, but the HF S10 cost £1,299 at launch and the HF20 over £700, so start saving!


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Joseph Tame

September 7, 2009, 9:33 pm

I'm a podcast producer based in Tokyo and last week took delivery of the HF S11. I would just like to say that this camera is stunning! The picture quality is simply superb, and the image stabilisation is unlike anything I've seen on a consumer camera before.

I shot a video of a traditional Japanese dance festival last week - all handheld, and much of it filmed from quite a distance (link below).

We use it with the DM100 Directional Stereo Mic - superb piece of kit.

The battery life with the included BP-807 is dissapointing - about one hour in reality (we have now invested in the BP-827). We will also be buying a wide angle lens as for interviews you have to get a fair distance between the camera and the interviewee.

Can't recommend this camera highly enough. Works wonderfully with Final Cut / iMovie too.

The version of our video we have on Facebook is the best quality upload we have, or there's an MP4 available for download. You Tube version also available. The page in question is



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