PowerShot E1

PowerShot E1

I recently received an interesting email from a female reader complaining about the cynical marketing of cameras towards women, with many companies making models in a range of pretty colours and with simplified controls, the implication being that women only want cameras to match their handbags, and are too dim to understand complex technology. For the record I disagree with this wholeheartedly, and I can see that it would be very offensive, especially to the more politically inclined feminists. With that in mind I suspect that they’ll be incensed by this quote from the press release announcing the new PowerShot E1, the first in a new range of compact cameras from Canon:

“Designed by women for women, the new 10 Megapixel PowerShot E1 meets the needs of every girl. Compact enough to slip in the smallest of handbags, it’s the perfect camera for taking top-quality pictures and fun movies with minimum effort. And with a palette of three luscious shades - White, Pink or Blue - to choose from, there’s a model to suit every wardrobe.”

For those more concerned with specifications than appearance, the E1 features a 10.0-megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom lens with image stabilisation, 2.5-inch LCD monitor and VGA 30fps movie mode. It will be available from September exclusively from Argos stores in the UK. The price will be announced when the camera is launched.

Link: Canon Europe



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