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Sony Connected TVs

Sony showed its commitment to online entertainment distribution when it announced its Bravia Internet Video Link. This little box of tricks can be attached to the latest generation of Bravia LCD TVs and will then allow the sets to receive IPTV and other Internet based entertainment.

Unlike many other Internet streaming devices, the Bravia Internet Link will allegedly provide the ability to stream high definition video as well as the low resolution, low bit rate content that most IPTV watchers are used to. You won’t be able to access just any online content though – Sony will be partnering with content providers who will tailor their content specifically for the system. Sony announced AOL and Yahoo as content providers at its CES press conference.

Navigation will be via the familiar XMB or Xross Media Bar, which debuted on the Sony PSP handheld gaming console. Obviously the system will not be as feature rich as a PC, but Sony feels that consumers would benefit from basic Internet resource connectivity from the comfort of their sofa – information like the weather forecast, basic email, and flight times could all complement the streaming media. Sony was also keen to point out that the service will be completely free – bar the purchase of the Bravia Internet Link module of course.

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