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Philips Wireless HDMI

Philips definitely wowed the crowds with a demonstration of wireless HDMI in action. In fact, not only was Philips demonstrating wireless HDMI, but it actually had retail samples on show, complete with packaging.

HDMI is key to the high definition revolution, providing an uncompressed, digital high definition signal from your source device to your display. This requires a significant amount of bandwidth, especially when you consider that the digital soundtrack is also being transmitted along the cable. But as any home cinema enthusiast will tell you, cables are a real problem, especially when you have a spouse that’s more concerned with décor than sound or picture quality.

Philips has gone some way to solving this problem by producing a wireless HDMI cable – although the word cable is slightly misleading. Basically the Philips package comprises a transmitter that plugs into your source device and a receiver that plugs into your display, your HDMI output is then transmitted wirelessly to your display, just like magic!

The Philips wireless HDMI package can handle signals all the way to the top end 1080p, so even the most quality hungry AV purist can still benefit. Of course the wireless HDMI cable is fully HDCP compliant, so there’s no need to worry about any copy protection issues. Utilising Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, the wireless HDMI cable is good for around 25ft range, which should suffice the vast majority of living rooms in the UK at least.

The wireless HDMI cable will be available in the Autumn, just in time to be rolled out again at IFA. The estimated price falls somewhere between $299 to $399.


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