With wireless technology proving to be a major link in the convergence chain, Netgear is producing some great looking products to address the future.

Netgear has always produced great networking products and lately it has made huge inroads into the home networking market. Netgear’s home networking products not only work well but the look good and are traditionally simple to set up.

The MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player will let you stream digital music straight into your home hi-fi. The MP101 is compatible with both 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks and also features a standard Ethernet port if you want to hardwire it into your home network.

Want to stream music to your hi-fi? The Netgear MP101 is just what you’re looking for.

The MP101 connects to your hi-fi via standard phono stereo jacks and is controlled via the remote control. You can stream digital music from your PC or directly from the Internet. You can also use it to listen to Internet radio stations on your home hi-fi. The estimated US street price will be under $200 and the device should be available in February 2004.

Also on display on the Netgear stand was a prototype streaming media device, working in a similar way to the Philips Streamium products I saw yesterday. Finished in a brushed aluminium case, the Netgear media streaming device can stream music like the MP101, but it can also stream video in a multitude of formats. Using wireless technology you can stream your video from a server or directly from the Internet.

Stream all your video and audio files.

There was no pricing available for the media streaming device and no confirmed launch date.

Another prototype on show was the Netgear Internet phone device. Although still far from reaching the market, this device simply connects to your router. You then plug in a standard phone and dial any number.

Internet phone calls the way they should be.

A device like this cuts out all the hassle of using PC applications and headsets to make Internet phone calls. If Netgear can get it to market you’ll be calling over the Internet as simply as you do across your standard phone line.

Another innovative device on show was Netgear’s wireless router complete with a USB port. It’s the USB port that makes this unit special since you can connect almost any USB device to it and share it with every PC on your network.

Create network attached devices simply.

One obvious application for this unit is to connect a USB external hard disk and create a cheap NAS (Network Attached Storage) box. Connecting a cheap external hard drive gives you a file server and backup solution that every computer on your home network can see without the need for any other computers to be powered on.

You can also connect a USB printer and create a network printer that can be accessed by any machine on your network.


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