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CES On The Floor

I’ve just walked back to the Luxor hotel from the Las Vegas Convention Centre after the first full day of CES. It’s a long walk, but still preferable to waiting two hours for a shuttle or a cab as thousands of CES attendees try to make their way back to their hotels.

Of course the walk back is only a drop in the ocean after the walk there in the morning and the subsequent seven hours wandering around the show floor and I’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s on display.

I think I’m going to talk about what I saw last first. At the end of the first day was a press briefing on the massive Samsung stand. The big message from Samsung was (surprise surprise) convergence. Samsung believes that it’s at the spearhead of convergent technology and sees this market segment as the future.

What a difference a day makes.

Digital displays are definitely high on Samsung's priority list and the Korean giant definitely had something to shout about. Only 24 hours after LG showed off its 76in plasma display, Samsung unveiled an 80in plasma screen. The battle for the largest plasma screen is one that Samsung and LG have been fighting for years, and this is just the latest round.

It has to be said that seeing an 80in plasma display up-close is quite amazing. Although I can’t imagine how large a room you’ll need to accommodate such a massive display. And you’re going to need a pretty strong wall to mount it on as well.

Samsung’s 80in behemoth is the largest plasma screen in the world.

There is of course no price for the 80in screen and Samsung is not expecting to have it ready for market until 2005. That said, it will definitely create the desired halo effect that Samsung is looking for.

But having the largest plasma display in the world isn’t enough for Samsung, it wants to dominate the high-end LCD market too. Also on display was a huge 57in LCD screen, which once again is just slightly larger than LG’s 55in flagship model.

Samsung grabs the prize for the largest LCD screen at 57in.

Not only does Samsung’s 57in LCD display produce a beautiful image with a great viewing angle, but it’s also incredibly slim considering its size. Samsung has definitely got the hang designing slim and sexy large screen TVs.

It may sport a 57in image but it’s still wafer thin.

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