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CES Debut For 1st Consumer USB 3.0 Storage

Gordon Kelly


CES Debut For 1st Consumer USB 3.0 Storage

Props to Seagate for risking the same scenario at LG last week...

The storage giant has come out and claimed it will use CES to demonstrate the very first consumer product to employ USB 3.0. Now given LG's claim it will launch the world's thinnest LED TV - the LH95 at 24.8mm - at CES only to be quickly followed by news of a 6.5mm thick LED TV from Samsung this is ballsy stuff.

Still, while the claim may be dubious (I suspect a great many tied first places) it will show off one of its FreeAgent drives utilising Symwave's USB 3.0 storage controller. Seagate says the backwards compatible interface will operate at 10x the current maximum of USB 2.0 and its partnership with Symwave will give it an early head start on the competition.

"Symwave is honored {US sic!} to be working with Seagate in this show of the first USB 3.0 solution in a real world application of data backup, storage and media streaming," said Symwave President and CEO Yossi Cohen. "Customer reaction to our new PHY device for USB 3.0 has been extremely positive and we will continue to focus on delivering leading-edge products that will allow them to address the growing demand for high-speed storage solutions."

Naturally enough no real world time frame has yet been put on the table for this drive or what price premium the tech will carry, let alone the obvious point that you'll need to have USB 3.0 connectivity on your desktop/laptop to take advantage. Still, it's small beer - we want our ultra fast storage tech and we want it now...


Press Release via DMN NewsWire

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