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CES 2010: enTourage eDGe 'dualbook' eBook Reader & Tablet Makes Debut

Andy Vandervell


CES 2010: enTourage eDGe eBook Reader & Tablet Debuts

We were kind of expecting stuff like this. Little-known enTourage Systems has unveiled what it is calling "the world's first dualbook". An eBook and tablet hybrid the eDGe employs irritating capitalisation, separate touch-enabled e-Ink and LCD displays and an embedded variant of Android in an attempt to merge the benefits of a smartphone (IM, email, web browsing) and netbook (document editing) with those of an eBook reader.

The two screens, a 10.1in (1,024 x 600) LCD and a 9.7in (1,200 x 825) e-Ink one can be used simultaneously or individually, with the machine capable of running for up to 16 hours using just the e-Ink display and up to six hours on the LCD. While there are no details on what's powering all this (smart money on an ARM processor), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both included and HSDPA/EVDO is an optional extra. Integrated speakers, microphones and a webcam allow for video chatting, video viewing et al, with video format support comprising MP4, 3GP, Adobe Flash Lite and H.264. eBook format support is fairly limited, with just PDF and ePub listed.

Connectivity includes a memory card slot, two USB ports, headphone jack and a mini-USB jack for data connection and charging. You'll need that memory card slot, too, since there's only 4GB of on-board memory and only 3GB of that is available to the user.

enTourage Systems will be shipping the eDGe in February and it's already available for pre-order on its website for $490. We hope to bring you some hands-on impressions of the device later in the show.

Link: Product Page



January 7, 2010, 12:59 am

i wouldn't be too keen to always have a screen on the underside that would be vulnerable to scratches/blotches from hands and/or wedding rings or grit etc when placed down on any other surface. not very practical, funky looking piece of kit though, ver2 might come with a sliding cover or sleeve for the underside???


May 24, 2010, 10:39 pm

No sdk yet, no root access , high price and the most important point; its frustrating not to be internationally available. This plenty-of-feature , good hardwared device, with embeded android is desired by lot of people outside US, but the importation procedure (at least in Spain) is more tricky , pricey and complex that I could bother. Please enable entourage shipping to somewhere on EU Now!.

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