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CES 2010: YouRock Guitar Rocks Out


CES 2010: YouRock Guitar Rocks Out

Every now and again when I’m wandering around the smaller stands at CES I come across something especially cool, and that’s exactly what happened when I discovered the YouRock Guitar. At first I thought that this was just another third party Guitar Hero/Rock Band controller, but closer inspection revealed that it is far more than that.

The YouRock Guitar is actually a real electric guitar, in a manner of speaking. It has six real strings, all of which can be picked individually, just like on a real guitar. However, those strings don’t extend along the fret board, as each fret is virtual. This means that you never have to tune a string, and you’ll never have a string break on you.

This guitar can be hooked up to an amplifier and played just like a normal axe, while it also has USB and MIDI connectors in case you want to lay down some tracks on your computer. Then there’s the YouRock mode, that lets you play along with preset tracks and doesn’t allow you to play a bum note! Not only can the YouRock guitar be played just like the real thing, but it can also sound like any number of classic guitars – Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul etc.

So, it plays like a real guitar, but it can also be used to rock out on Guitar Hero or Rock Band. You’ll need to buy one of the gaming modules, but this does mean that you can use the YouRock with any of your gaming consoles. Once hooked up, you can strum any string, and use the five coloured frets to play away. You can even remove the neck of the guitar for easy transport, just like the Guitar Hero model.

The YouRock retails for $179 in the US, with the gaming modules costing around $29 each. I haven’t got any idea of how much it will cost in the UK or when it will be available, but hopefully it’s soon.

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