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CES 2010: Samsung Puts 3D Accross Entire HDTV Range

Gordon Kelly


CES 2010: Samsung LCD, LED & Plasma Lines Go 3D

I must lay down this disclaimer: I don't like 3D, at least not in its present form. For me what we are seeing at the cinema isn't 3D at all, but flat surfaces shown to us at different depths. That said, if 3D floats your boat be prepared to get very excited indeed because Samsung is going after it and in a major way...

Taking a greatly different course to most manufacturers Samsung shocked everyone by announcing it will be making 3D-ready panels in all three of its panel product lines: LCD, LED and Plasma. It will carry this focus into its Blu-ray players and home theater systems and in the UK the whole shebang will be compatible with Sky's impending 3D TV service.

The models that will carry this? Samsung's flagship 9000, 8000 and 7000 ranges of LED HDTV, its 750 series of LCDs and the PDP 7000 line of plasmas. Unfortunately Samsung didn't delve too deeply into any of these lines instead offering one-off nuggets like the plasma line is just 1.4 inches thick and the 750 offers new levels of power efficiency.

The real headlines though will go to the 9000 series with their distinctive metallic bezels. They will be Samsung's showcase models for 2010 and have three hugely unique features. First is a proximity sensor which detects when the user is close and automatically opens the TV's controls (cool, but parents with young children may fret).

Second is remote control which uses a touchscreen display. This allows it to not only show context sensitive menus for easier navigation, but it can even display a channel from the TV directly on the remote (perhaps that's how you keep the young children away from the proximity sensor?). Third is, starting with the Omnia II, Samsung is building functionality into its phones which will allow them to control the 9000 series with the same touchscreen interface as the remote (perhaps that's what you do when the children run off with the actual remote to watch TV having kept them away from the proximity sensor?).

Lastly the Samsung BD-C6900 will be the company's first Blu-ray player to support 3D, but we weren't told diddly squat other than that.

So a lot of fleshing out still needs to be done, but one thing is clear: if you like 3D (Bah! Humbug) Samsung is going to be your bestest of buddies.

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