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CES 2010: Pure Digital Shows Off New Radios


CES 2010: Pure Digital Shows Off New Radios

The Evoke Flow was a groundbreaking product for Pure, and one that proved the company was far more than just a DAB radio manufacturer. The Evoke Flow took Internet radio to the next level with the development of Pure’s Lounge – an online portal that allows you to configure and manage all of your Internat radio and Podcast needs. The great thing about the Lounge is that you can access it via your computer, so setting everything up is a breeze, compared with using the radio itself.

It’s this unique implementation of Internet streaming that has allowed Pure to break into the US market, since DAB doesn’t exist this side of the Atlantic. So, at its debut appearance at CES, Pure showed off a couple of new products. Obviously the versions on show here don’t have DAB capability, but the models that ship in the UK will have.

First up is the Sirocco 550, which is designed to be a full home Hi-Fi system. The Sirocco 550 looks like a traditional micro system, complete with a pair of bookshelf speakers, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Of course the UK version will have both DAB and FM radio, but more importantly, it also connects to the Lounge portal, just like the Evoke Flow. So, you can stream endless amounts of Internet radio and Podcasts, and let’s not forget Pure’s own online sound library, just in case you want to listen to, say, birdsong for an hour.

On top of that, you get an iPod dock, so you can stream all your tunes from your iPod, or even from a NAS appliance on your home network. And, if you prefer to go old school, there’s a CD player, which also plays back MP3 and WMA files. You also get a USB port from which you can stream even more music, again in both MP3 and WMA. The USB port can also be used for the optional Ethernet adapter, if you don’t want to use the built-in Wi-Fi.

Also on show was the new Oasis Flow, which sits at the opposite end of the range. This all in one radio has rechargeable batteries and is weatherproof and splash resistant, thanks to its aluminium and rubber casing. So this is a radio that will be as much at home on a picnic as it is in your kitchen.

Of course you get DAB and FM tuners built in, but like the Evoke Flow, the Oasis Flow will stream Internet radio via the Pure Lounge portal, and can be configured in exactly the same way. If you’ve been worried about taking your Evoke Flow out of the house, the more robust Oasis Flow could be the answer.

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