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CES 2010: LG Press Conference

Gordon Kelly


CES 2010: LG Unveils Next Gen Home Cinema Kit

LG time and this is a company which doesn't do things by halves...

The Korean monolith announced that 2010 will see it release seventy new HDTVs and around 30 were flashed through at breakneck speed today. That said, let's do some cherry picking and the first thing to really catch our attention is the company's new 'Infinia' line of LED TVs.

Comprising the 'LE9500' (top), 'LE8500' and 'LE7500' series, each is extremely thin (circa 9mm), and come in sizes up to 55 inches. Full HD resolutions (is anything not these days?) and LG's own 'LED Plus' image processing technology are also amongst the specs, though unfortunately nothing else was revealed.

Next are refreshes of its plasma line in the shape of the 'PK950' (above), 'PK750', 'PK550' and 'PJ350'. Again specs were sketchy, but LG did say they were 37 per cent slimmer than 2009's plasmas and throw in a bucket load of image processing tech including: 600Hz Sub-Field Driving, a protective 'Skin Glass' layer to protect against scratches, the 'Dual XD Engine' and a TruBlack Filter. Will it do any good? Well see once John gets his hands on them.

OLED? Yes, but with caveats. While many companies in 2008 proclaimed 2010 as the year OLED would flourish all LG had to offer is an impending 15in model (not shown to us) which won't be ready until the summer. It does measure just 0.8mm thick, but expect a truly monstrous price tag come launch time.

Finally Blu-ray and LG has a new flagship player, which it has yet to name, that stuffs a 250GB HDD inside to enable on-demand and PVR functionality. Users can also load up the drive with pictures, music and video content from their PCs and there will be integrated 802.11n WiFi too to access services - in the US at least - like Netflix, CinemaNow, VUDU, YouTube and Pandora plus Gracenote for tagging tracks.

Next? A hands-on with LG's crazy, but power packed eXpo 1GHz, pico projector Android smartphone. Stay tuned...

Update: Some live shots of that OLED 15 incher...


January 8, 2010, 10:51 am

There's a point - where's OLED at CES? Are there any indications that it's heading towards the mainstream or have manufactures quietly swept it under the proverbial rug?


January 8, 2010, 4:13 pm

Nice to see

Harry Worth still lives on in the second pic ;) SHINY!

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