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CES 2010: Intel Launches Clarkdale & Mobile Arrandale CPUs

Gordon Kelly


CES 2010: Intel Launches Clarkdale & Mobile Arrandale CPUs

If announcements keep coming at this rate there will be nothing left for the formal presentations than hands-on reports...

Joining the ever increasing queues of companies which just can't wait until CES gets started tomorrow is Intel which has suddenly made its 32nm Westmere-based Clarkdale and mobile Arrandale CPUs official.

Part of the so-called 'tock' step of Intel's 'tick tock' approach to manufacturing (Tick = new tech, Tock = die shrink), the move to 32nm is the highlight for these lines. That said, both these LGA1156 Core i3 and i5 CPUs should bring lower costs, run cooler and be consume less energy so it's win win. Both lines can also have a DDR3 memory controller and graphics chip integrated to further cut cost (similar to the step taken by the new Atoms.

As for the graphics chip itself, this remains at 45nm for the meantime and will playback Full HD footage, though will quiver if you present it with any challenging 3D gaming. Despite this, the chips will also support dedicated graphics and can be set to switch between the two solutions depending on whether the user requires more stamina or performance. Specific model breakdowns can be seen from the slides above and below.

Both new lines will initially target the mainstream sector and touchdown on 7 January. All of which begs the question: does this mean Intel has something bigger up its sleeve now for its formal CES presentation?


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