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CES 2010: Asus Shows Laptop with Bang & Olfusen Audio

Andy Vandervell


CES 2010: Asus Shows Laptop with Bang & Olfusen Audio

Asus has developed a penchant of late for producing crazy, 'brand enhancing' products whose design and impact is the most important factor. Enter the NX90Jq, an 18.4in laptop that measures a whopping 526mm (i.e. over half a metre) wide and which has been designed and developed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen.

As you might imagine given this hook-up, much of the design is centred on the audio. Those wings either side of the screen are massive speaker chambers, helping to give the NX90Jq earthy, powerful audio the likes of which one wouldn't normally get on a laptop. Due to the surroundings of the Las Vegas Convention Center (sic), it was pretty hard to make out of the quality of this output, but the fact that it was audible at all was impressive in itself.

Wacky audio arrangements aren't the only oddities on display here, though. This notebook has not one but two touchpads and they're situated either side of the keyboard. Why? So you can use them as virtual turntables, duh!

Inside things are rather more conventional, though naturally the NX90Jq will pack quite a punch. It will utilise Intel Core i7 processors and feature a 1GB nVidia GeForce GT 335M – the same chip, incidentally, as used in the Alienware M11X. The icing on this particular cake, though, is support for USB 3.0.

There are no firm release details as yet, but Asus reps reckoned on a mid-year release and a retail price below £2,000. Fancy it?


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